In today's world marketplace, credit & debit card transactions have become the universal currency. At home, on the Internet, or around the world, your bank cards are your keys to cash, financial transactions, personal comfort and communications. Unfortunately, if you forget your PINs, Passwords and Passcodes, you are locked out!


A new product by PIN PAL not only alleviates the need to recall dedicated Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), Passwords and complicated Passcodes, but also can adjust system security to meet your needs on a transaction-to-transaction basis. MeM PAL is not a storage device for dedicated codes, but rather a unique patented system that utilizes pattern recognition to decode randomly generated PINs, Passwords and Passcodes. Users will enter a different code of varied length for each and every transaction by recalling a single sequential pattern. Sounds impossible, or just like another marketing scheme to get your attention? The US Patent & Trademark Office thinks not MeM PAL is now a patented product: (US Patent 6246769).


MeM PAL is a transparent system that can be incorporated into any ATM, Smart Phone, Cell Phone, Computer Application or Security System without changing the hardware as long as a geometric matrix can be displayed to the user. The Transaction Specific Codes are decoded directly from the MeM PAL matrix and entered into the system. If the entered code is correct, access is granted. If not, assess is denied. Upon a 2nd try, the user will be presented with a different code. Even if an unauthorized user obtains the Transaction Specific Code, it is useless in a subsequent transaction because the codes are always changing. MeM PAL is Simple to use, Safe in unauthorized hands, and biometric-level Secure without the cost of hardware!


A MeM PAL Demo Program is available to introduce our technology. Please download and use the program to understand new concepts in security ... especially the use of Transaction Specific Codes. 

Just click "DEMO" in the navigation bar.


MeM PAL will reduce cost, prevent unauthorized use of protected resources and assure that your users will never again forget a PIN, Password or Passcode.

MeM PAL will create a more perfect e-environment for both users and providers through efficient simplicity where everyone wins!


Your customers and clients will NEVER FORGET a PIN, Password or Passcode because code recall has finally become an effortless reality !

MeM PAL = Total Recall + High Security ...

                  Simple, Secure & Safe